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Aquamon Water Level Controller

Ingenious Technologies (I) Pvt., Ltd., Offers a highly sophisticated and reliable Automatic Water Level Controller cum Indicator using state of the art Digital Technology. “AQUAMON” is ideally suited for modem homes, apartments, commercial complexes, hotels, hospitals and other places where automation is necessary for controlling the motor/pump.

Features :

Automatic switching on/off of motor/  pump avoiding overflow of water, protecting the motor/pump and cutting down electricity bills. 

‘Aquamon'  has an elegant mimic display which indicates the water level in the overhead tank and sump, it has a flow indication. Indications for High / Normal / Low voltage status and motor  On/Of /Trip.  Audio alarm for dry-run.

‘Aquamon'  safe guards the pump  from dry-run caused by faulty priming  due to   foot valve leakage or air blocks in delivery line.

Safe operation of motor/pump within permissible voltage limits. It has an under voltage and over voltage cut-off.

An Auto / Manual switch is provided for manual operation of motor/Pump.

Feather touch switches for :

a) 'Fill' to top up the tank.

b) ‘Mute' to silence the audio alarm.

Specially designed sensor probes are fixed in the overhead tank and underground sump.

Aquamon Switches ON the motor if …

  • The water in the Overhead tank falls below the Set Low level
  • When the sump becomes full even if the water is above low level
  • and below low level.

Aquamon Switches OFF the pump motor when :

  • Water reaches the high level in the overhead tank.
  • Water is not flowing into the overhead tank.
  • Voltage is high or low.
  •  Sump water level falls  below the low level. 

Applications :

Aquamon  is suitable for all types of pumps, motors single phase or three phase. It is suitable for all  types of pumps fitted to wells, bore wells, Sumps.


Detailed Technical Specifications

AM2C Sump - OH Tank
Boiler Level Controllers


AMAC Delux

Automatic Controller with AC signalling suitable for all types of pumps, motors, sump, borewell. Unit can be configured for any type of DOL starter, Switch, Motor with RUN & START capacitior. Three Phase, Single Phase Motors.



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